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1、Freshman should take students visa to register and complete the entrance procedure, long term students(over 6 months) need “X1” visa and the short-term( less than 6 months) student may take “X2” visa.
2、Freshman should register in the stated time on the Admission Letter. You should inform the International Students Office suppose you are ahead or late of schedule one week. You will lose your place in the university suppose you are overdue one month to register without notifying the school.
3、Freshman should check in the dormitory procedure with your original passport at International Students Dormitory Administrative Office within 24 hours after your entrance register.
4、The following are required for freshman entrance register: Passport, the original Enrollment Notice, (and for X1 visa students JW202 Form, and original Physical Examination Form are also required), 4 chromatic photos (30mm*40mm). The register place: International Students Office.
5、Also submit the other original documents once offered in your enrollment application time except the above. You may fill Registration Form after your documents have been checked up inerrably. You will get the qualification to register and the relative certificates after you have paid the entire fee. The registration qualification will be cancelled suppose your entire fee cannot be paid within 10 working days after your arrival.
6、For the first time residence permission application, you are required to hold our recommendation, original passport and the homepage copy, visa page copy, Foreigner Visa and Residence Permit Application Form, the second page of JW202 Form and Physical Examination Report (You will be asked to do the physical examination again in Jinan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and pay it by yourself, if the medical check-up report is not recognized ) to the Entry-Exit Department of Jinan Public Security Bureau. You may modify or postpone residence permit in the Entry-Exit Department of Jinan Public Security Bureau with our recommendation and the relative certificate.
7、In order to ensure the international students to get the essential medical guarantee during studying in China, all international students study in our school must participate in the unexpected injury medical insurance that the school requires, otherwise no register. In addition, the school encourages students to participate in some essential medical health insurance in your own country.
8、You should pay the entire fee in RMB within seven days after your arrival. You may submit written explanation and application for your deferred payment. The deferred payment scheduled maximum period is one month, or else, the enrollment qualification will be cancelled.
9、Freshmen should live on campus in the first year except the collective residence outside of the campus arranged by International Students Dormitory Administrative Office. You must reside in the room appointed for you, and obey Dormitory Management Regulation.
10、In the beginning of every semester, you should return back on time and register in the International Education and Exchange College in the stated time, and pay up the year tuition, the room fee and other expenses at one time. Otherwise the student will be considered as automatic drop out of school.

Registration Address:

School of International Education and Exchange,

University of Jinan(West Campus)

No. 336 Nanxinzhuang West Road, Jinan, Shandong


Transportation from Airport to University of Jinan:

(1) By Taxi from Airport to University of Jinan (West campus): CNY 150

(2) By Airport Bus from airport to Sofitel Hotel (CNY 20),

From Sofitel Hotel to University of Jinan (West campus):

a. By Bus No.102 (CNY1)

b. By Taxi (CNY 30)

Note:When you take a taxi, show the driver the University address and remember to ask for the receipt before paying the taxi fee. If you have any question please contact the office staff of the School of International Education and Exchange at 0531-82769389,0531-82765557.